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Daleville Inn Office

The Daleville Inn & Apartments was developed in 1960 by a trio of Georgia businessmen. The Inn's names derives from the two-story colonial edifice that sat on the property. The old structure served as a hotel when first constructed over 150 years ago. The developers moved the building to the center of the motel property and remodeled it for use as a motel office. Today it serves that purpose, having been rehabilitated after suffering damage inflicted by a devastating tornado in 2001.

Two motel blocks were placed on either side of the office, each with 24 rooms. A restaurant of colonial design, modeled after the old hotel, was installed on the property along with two swimming pools and a block of apartment houses that were built and furnished to house soldiers stationed at Fort Rucker for brief periods of training. Additional units were added over the years until completion of the complex in 1976.

During the Vietnam War, the Inn housed many soldiers who were at Fort Rucker for flight training. This period of its history is chronicled in fictional form by the popular author W.E.B Griffin, who has used it as a setting for scenes in novels.

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